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This page lists exceptions that may be raised when using HTTPX.

For an overview of how to work with HTTPX exceptions, see Exceptions (Quickstart).

The exception hierarchy

  • HTTPError
    • RequestError
      • TransportError
        • TimeoutException
          • ConnectTimeout
          • ReadTimeout
          • WriteTimeout
          • PoolTimeout
        • NetworkError
          • ConnectError
          • ReadError
          • WriteError
          • CloseError
        • ProtocolError
          • LocalProtocolError
          • RemoteProtocolError
        • ProxyError
        • UnsupportedProtocol
      • DecodingError
      • TooManyRedirects
    • HTTPStatusError
  • InvalidURL
  • CookieConflict
  • StreamError
    • StreamConsumed
    • ResponseNotRead
    • RequestNotRead
    • StreamClosed

Exception classes

class httpx.HTTPError(message)

Base class for RequestError and HTTPStatusError.

Useful for try...except blocks when issuing a request, and then calling .raise_for_status().

For example:

    response = httpx.get("")
except httpx.HTTPError as exc:
    print(f"HTTP Exception for {exc.request.url} - {exc}")
class httpx.RequestError(message, *, request=None)

Base class for all exceptions that may occur when issuing a .request().

class httpx.TransportError(message, *, request=None)

Base class for all exceptions that occur at the level of the Transport API.

class httpx.TimeoutException(message, *, request=None)

The base class for timeout errors.

An operation has timed out.

class httpx.ConnectTimeout(message, *, request=None)

Timed out while connecting to the host.

class httpx.ReadTimeout(message, *, request=None)

Timed out while receiving data from the host.

class httpx.WriteTimeout(message, *, request=None)

Timed out while sending data to the host.

class httpx.PoolTimeout(message, *, request=None)

Timed out waiting to acquire a connection from the pool.

class httpx.NetworkError(message, *, request=None)

The base class for network-related errors.

An error occurred while interacting with the network.

class httpx.ConnectError(message, *, request=None)

Failed to establish a connection.

class httpx.ReadError(message, *, request=None)

Failed to receive data from the network.

class httpx.WriteError(message, *, request=None)

Failed to send data through the network.

class httpx.CloseError(message, *, request=None)

Failed to close a connection.

class httpx.ProtocolError(message, *, request=None)

The protocol was violated.

class httpx.LocalProtocolError(message, *, request=None)

A protocol was violated by the client.

For example if the user instantiated a Request instance explicitly, failed to include the mandatory Host: header, and then issued it directly using client.send().

class httpx.RemoteProtocolError(message, *, request=None)

The protocol was violated by the server.

For example, returning malformed HTTP.

class httpx.ProxyError(message, *, request=None)

An error occurred while establishing a proxy connection.

class httpx.UnsupportedProtocol(message, *, request=None)

Attempted to make a request to an unsupported protocol.

For example issuing a request to

class httpx.DecodingError(message, *, request=None)

Decoding of the response failed, due to a malformed encoding.

class httpx.TooManyRedirects(message, *, request=None)

Too many redirects.

class httpx.HTTPStatusError(message, *, request, response)

The response had an error HTTP status of 4xx or 5xx.

May be raised when calling response.raise_for_status()

class httpx.InvalidURL(message)

URL is improperly formed or cannot be parsed.

class httpx.CookieConflict(message)

Attempted to lookup a cookie by name, but multiple cookies existed.

Can occur when calling response.cookies.get(...).

class httpx.StreamError(message)

The base class for stream exceptions.

The developer made an error in accessing the request stream in an invalid way.

class httpx.StreamConsumed()

Attempted to read or stream content, but the content has already been streamed.

class httpx.StreamClosed()

Attempted to read or stream response content, but the request has been closed.

class httpx.ResponseNotRead()

Attempted to access streaming response content, without having called read().

class httpx.RequestNotRead()

Attempted to access streaming request content, without having called read().